Our company is producing models of monuments and sculptures, scatterd around Armenia's capital. The souvenirs in stock represent a model of existing monument, barelief or sculpture in Yerevan, as well as bronze and silver coin of Tigran the Great.
We believe that each of these 20 monument presents an important part of national history and culture, thus each of them has to be reproduced in a smaller scale representing and promoting national spirit. These symbols of rich and hard historic path that the Armenian people had to go through are presented today to our customers so they can take them back home and create atmosphere of little Yerevan in each house, sharing the national culture and spirit. Our production is of interest to anyone who cares about history and culture of Armenia nation residents of Armenia, students, business people, tourists, etc.
Enjoy what we produce and feel the climate of this unique culture and life! We are like a bridge between the past and the present, between you and Armenia...
And we are truly excited to connect people and give them at least a part of... Armenian heart.

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